We ship worldwide*

Due to our agreement with our shipping partner FedEx, we offer a worldwide flat rate shipping fee of 12,90 USD no matter the size or weight of the package.

All our international shipments are made by using UPS or FedEx Express or Economy.
Once your payment has been confirmed we usually manage to ship out your purchase order within 1-2 business days. Depending on your purchase amount it could take a few days longer.


You are welcome to come and collect your order in at our vendors’ warehouse or arrange your own pick up from the courier company of your choice.
Before visiting we do ask that you phone or email us to confirm that your purchase order is ready to be picked up!


With our 10+ years of experience with international deliveries and thousands of international buyers, we can guarantee fast and smooth delivery.

Our shipping partner, FedEx, offers you the flexibility to make changes to your delivery while it’s on its way to you Whether you need to schedule a delivery for another day or remove the signature requirement, FedEx makes it easy for you.

Once your order has left us and is with FedEx, they will contact you via SMS and/or email to let you know when to expect the delivery.


We do offer fast delivery services with FedEx. The shipment usually takes 3 business days within the EU and outside the EU within 5 business days such as North America, Asia, Middle East etc.

Foreseen delivery times**

Australia - 5 business days
Austria - 3 business days
Belgium - 3 business days   
Canada - 3 business days   
Colombia - 5 business days   
Croatia - 5 business days
Czechia- 3 business days     
Denmark - 3 business days   
Finland - 3 business days
France - 3 business days
Georgia - 5 business days
Germany - 3 business days
Ireland - 4 business days
Israel - 5 business days
Italy - 3 business days
Korea, South - 3 business days
Lithuania - 3 business days
Luxembourg - 3 business days
Macedonia - 3 business days
Mauritius - 5 business days
Netherlands - 3 business days
New Zealand - 5 business days
Nicaragua - 5 business days
Norway - 3 business days
Poland - 3 business days
Slovak Republic - 3 business days
Slovenia - 3 business days
Spain - 3 business days
Sweden - 3 business days
Taiwan - 5 business days
United Kingdom - 3 business days
United States of America - 5 business days


**We do better than what we promise. Our customers usually receive their orders in 2 business days.

Miscellaneous important information


Purchases shipped to Brazil require a tax ID number (Cadastro de Pessoa Fisica - CPF). To avoid any possible delays, make sure you have this information available when FedEx contacts you.

Please note, orders over 2999 USD require formal customs clearance. We recommend that you hire a broker to ensure you comply as your purchase could be confiscated if you fail to do this.


As clearance procedures vary between Chinese gateways, please contact your local FedEx on the telephone numbers below to receive further information.

Call FedEx  from within China: Toll free Numbers:
800.988.1888 (for telephone users)

Charge for local call:
400.886.1888 (for mobile users)

Toll Numbers:
86.10.64648855 (Northern China)
86.27.85400200 (Eastern & Central China)
86.20.83969866 (Southern China)
*for overseas customers, please dial one of the above customer service toll numbers

Domestic service
Mon - Sat: 08:00 - 22:00


Depending on the clearance method and value of your order, you may need to provide FedEx with further information, such as a copy of your ID and a consignee’s declaration letter.


All orders to Gaza are temporarily suspended. To ensure that you still receive your package, please select an alternative shipping address.


If your order contains footwear, you must hire a licensed broker to clear customs.

GCC Countries

A copy of the following documents must be provided to FedEx when shipments arrive to the destinations below:

Saudi Arabia - your Saudi National ID or valid resident permit (Iqama)
Bahrain - your Civil Population Registration (CPR or ID Card)
Qatar - your Qatar Identification Number (QID)


Restrictions on jewelry

We are currently unable to dispatch orders containing jewelry to Russia or China. In order to receive your jewelry purchases, we suggest that you arrange for your shipment to be delivered to an alternative destination.

South Korea

All South Korean postcodes must now be 5 digits.

To avoid any possible delays, make sure your postcode is entered correctly when placing your order.

Find out more : (https://www.epost.go.kr/roadAreaCdEng.retrieveRdEngAreaCdList.comm )

To prevent any additional charges or delays in receiving your purchase, please make sure to complete your Personal Customs Clearance Code in the PCCC field when entering your shipping address. This should be 13 characters long and begin with the letter ‘P’ eg. PXXXXXXXXXXXX


Your personal Tax ID/VAT number must now be provided with all shipments. In most cases FedEx will obtain this themselves but we may contact you if they require any additional information.

If you don't have a taxpayer number you can apply for one from your local tax authority.

The Federal Customs Service of Russia calculates customs fees based on the total value of goods imported by each customer within a one month period.

We recommend that you keep track of the orders you place, as in a small number of areas in Russia, if you exceed the monthly import threshold amount, your purchase will be sent back to us. For more information, please contact Customer Care.


FedEx will need you to provide one of the following pieces of information:

  • TR ID number (if you are a Turkish citizen)
  • VAT number (for deliveries to a company address)
  • Passport number (non-residents)

FedEx will contact you for this once your order arrives in Turkey, and your details will be stored for future shipments.


All Israeli postcodes must now be seven digits.

To avoid any possible delays, make sure your postcode is entered correctly when placing your order.

Check your postcode.



Previously, the first four digits of your postcode were sufficient when entering your delivery address.

We now need all seven digits in order to ensure you don't experience delays. Please enter this correctly at checkout.


All Cambodian postcodes must now be 6 digits.

To avoid any possible delays, make sure your postcode is entered correctly when placing your order.


Due to Governmental changes, Sales and Services Tax (SST) will range from 0% to 10% and any applicable Tax will show at checkout.


As of January 1 2019, a standard rate of 5% VAT will be applicable on orders placed to Bahrain in line with the GCC VAT agreement.


From January 1 2019, you will be required to register with the government when placing orders where the value is below or equal to 50,000 NTD or 1,666 USD. You must enter your name, mobile phone number, shipping address and ID number when placing your order on our site (the ID number can be added to the address field).

To prevent any unnecessary delays with your order please ensure you: