Top 10 Designer Belts For Women


Belts have been the most loved statement accessory of all time for lots of people throughout the time. They are not just simply an add on to your style, but has served purposes. It lifts your outfit so precisely making it look sleeker. It also ensures the fit, helps you hold everything in place because that’s important. Isn’t it? Belts has been used by men and women for ages. It has continued to serve its set purpose.

In this article we'll discuss some of the top most desired designer statement belts.

The Black Belt

The black belt by Saint Laurent is a huge success with a YSL logo intricate so delicately alongside the belt it is one of the most easily worn and go-to-go with any outfit sort of bet that one can dream to have.

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The Golden Buckle

Yet another classical statement by Balenciaga old buckle, it will never in a million years go out of style. The logo covering the buckle adds more life to the belt adding a hint of glamour and sophistication to it.

The Industrial Belt

Now that’s a he change from classic to funky. The Off-White’s yellow industrial belt caught a handsome amount of attention its way. The belt tends to stand out from afar. It makes you look bold, confident and a boss babe.

The Reversible Belt

The ever so famous classic Gucci reversible belt has to be a must on this list. This belt can be worn two ways the inside of the belt is made up of brown calf leather while the outside is black. The iconic belt is a best friend for many famous celebs and personalities owning it.

The Crystal Belt

Dolce and Gabbana’s famous crystal embellished belt with diamond articulated on the logo is what we all need. This belt goes well with almost any outfit one has. The statement piece is highly demanded because of its smooth and seemed edges giving it an overall perfect look of elegancy.

Skinny Snake Belt

This piece by Fendi is a sleek and skinny belt. Snake skin accessory is however still a statement wear and this built is nothing but a classical piece cherished forever. The buckle has Fendi’s logo encrusted with crystals around it makes it appear more pleasing and unique.

Versace Belt

The famous Versace belt with its logo near the buckle is yet another leather belt one cannot say no to. These belts are the high ends accessories which may make your outfit look ten times better, classy and overall sophisticated.

The Rhinestone Belts

The belt is encrusted with multiple little crystals of different colors. This is an iconic statement belt which shimmers and shines like the stars. This handmade belt is of high quality. Made in UK this belt is demanded all over the world for its simplicity and boldness.

The Cotton Belt

A more casual looking Dolce and Gabbana purple cotton stretch log brand is a high end piece which can make you look classy on a casual basis it is pretty and a must have for every girl.

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