7 Life Saving Advises For Party Animals

We can all relate to the panic we can have before a party. Even attending one takes so much planning, especially about what to wear right? We spend hours picking the perfect clothing items, accessories and shoes just so we can be noticed.

Parties are not just about having fun and getting crazy. These days they are also mainly about networking and getting to know people. You have to dress to impress and always be on your A game. Not an easy task, I know but below is a style guide for you to look the best and revamp your party wardrobe!

First things first, you need to know the dress code before making your decision and so the attire is sorted by the dress code that is given.

Good Old Black Tie

If the event is black tie, then you need to look your most formal self. Women can wear a gorgeous long cocktail dress that accentuates their features, or even matching separates. Men have to wear tuxedos.

White Tie

A white tie party means it is extra formal and this calls out for a long ball gown for women. There are beautiful ones you can find everywhere or if you are willing to do some extra work you can even get a custom one made.

Creative Black Tie

It means what it says. You can take formal wear and turn it into something creative or fun. You can buy trendy dresses with modern cuts and style or you can even have some fun with pantsuits. One event where people get creative with couture is the Met Gala and you can check some great looks from there to get an idea.


This gives you leverage to wear something glam but also comfortable. Men are not required to wear tuxedos and they can wear anything they like except shorts ofcourse!

Women can wear short dresses or even a modern suit, semi-formal attire means that you don’t have to wear a long dress so it gives you lots of options to choose from. Short dresses are a great way to show off your beautiful legs and they never go out of style!

Cocktail attire

This is more towards the casual side and men can choose to wear a suit which is on the darker spectrum of colours. Women can wear cute party dresses, from a little red or black dress to even wearing skirts and separates.

Business formal

This is usually when office or work events take place. While it may be a party, you still have to look work appropriate and not wear anything too revealing. Men have to wear a suit. Women can wear dresses or trendy suits. But they still don’t have to be boring. There are a variety of unique designs you can choose from.


This is usually for more informal parties and if you are a party animal, you probably go to such events more. You can wear anything you want. You can opt for the chicest sneakers, jackets and shirts and pair them with jeans or anything you like! You can express your creative style and shop so many trendy looks to look fabulous and on point.

7 trendy ways to get creative while still following the dress code. If you frequently visit such parties and events it’s never enough to have clothes. You can always search for new creative looks and stay inspired!

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