6 tips to correctly choose the heel height?

One possible reason for having those blisters might just be the wrong height you chose for your heel. Wearing the wrong height can not only cause your foot to ache but can possibly cause back ache as well. But this still won’t stop us from wearing heels. Right? Heels are made to make one look highly sophisticated and elegant. It tends to give you a sleeker yet bold look. The plus point is they go well with almost any dress. A right pair of heel will make you look a ten on ten in no time.

How Can You Stay Comfortable In Your Heel

We all know how important it is to wear the right shoe size similarly wearing the right heel height can make the experience a lot more pleasant. The heel height is not a tricky thing to measure. Further we will learn the correct and the safe height to wear your heels.

Calculating The Heel Height

You can easily calculate the heel height for everyday use. Just take the length of your foot and divide it by seven. For calculating the ideal heel height for yourself considering your own height you can do so by taking your height and dividing it by your leg length. Then subtract 1.61 from the answer and multiply it by ten. 1.61 is the average ratios of your leg to your whole body. The maximum heel height that you can wear is by measuring the distance between heel and the ball of your foot when you point your toes is your natural heel height.

All About Heel Height

Two Inch Heel

These cute kitten heels look best with vintage themed outfits. They lift the balls of your feet high enough to start aching if worn throughout the day. But this heel conveys the message of decency well.

Three Inch Heel

This is the most elegant and highly recommended height of heel. It can be worn all day at work or in the evening for a formal dinner. The more the height gets, the more uncomfortable it may become for you.



Four Inch Heel

This height for the heels is perfect to be worn at parties or evening events: formal or informal. Such a heel will make you appear more independent bold and firm. This might not be an ideal heel for the beginners though.

More Than Four Inch Heel

Heels which are higher than four usually have a platform at the front which kind of supports your feet and make it easy for you to walk around.

Is Heel A Worthy Investment?

What do you think about the expensive designer heels? Are they any different? Is it worth all the money? Well if you have owned any high end designers brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Saint Laurent, Gucci Jimmy Choo or any other brand you would know that there is a significant difference. These statement shoes are highly comfortable, from the design to the material to cuts. Everything about the heel screams perfection. The shoes are stable, which makes it easier to walk on rough surfaces, you do not look like a maniac trying to get through the time but you look composed decent and elegant. As much as we don’t like admitting, expensive shoes do out shine everything else. Get ready for loads of compliments coming your way.


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